Monday, May 02, 2005

From the 'You Get What You Ask For" File

Apparently, John Mason still wants to get married to Jennifer Wilbanks. Should it shock anybody that the guy's also a self-professed Sean Hannity fan?

Microsoft Behind the Wheel?

Bill Gates wants to drive your car. Well, he wants his software to, according to this article. And my entry in the most ironic newspaper line contest, the AP wrote: "Eventually, Gates said, there could be a car that wouldn't let itself crash." And this car that won't crash will be designed by the company that brought us Windows?

Welcome to the Illini, Mr. Semrau

6'9" Richard Semrau commitedto Bruce Weber's Illinois team last night. Ranked in the top 30 by, Semrau averaged 22 points and 13 rebounds per game in his junior year at Lutheran West High School in Rocky River, Ohio. Semrau was also considering Florida, Wake, Carolina and Kentucky. The junior has a combination inside-out game with mobility and range.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

George Allen's Retirement Solution: Sell Your House!

GOP Senator George Allen, Jr., whose claim to fame is that he's the son of a successful football coach, suggested on Meet the Press that retirees should sell their homes to make ends meet in their golden years. Always looking for the bright side, Sen. Allen (R-Va.) suggested that seniors could avoid lawn-mowing and hedge-cutting by doing this. This excerpt sounds downright uncomfortable:
And moreover, in the event that a personal savings account approach is taken, allowing them to invest in a home in addition to right now it's stocks, bonds and other financial instruments, if people can invest in their own home, they'll know it. They'll understand it. They'll take care of it. And they'll enjoy it and they don't have to worry about mergers and acquisitions and scandals and market share. And by the time they retire, they're going to have a pretty good nest egg there and they don't need as big a house, usually, because they don't want to be cutting grass and trimming hedges, and that is good for the economy as well.
But what happens if the housing bubble pops?