Friday, August 12, 2005

OS X on PC

Wired is reporting today that hackers have tweaked the Intel version of OS X to run on Intel-based computers not blessed by Apple. These computers do not have the Trusted Platform Module chip that will likely act as a gatekeeper, preventing store-bought OS X for Intel from running on non-Apple hardware. The hackers have figured out a way to bypass that requirement and, apparently, have found that the OS may actually run faster than on today's G5-based Apple computers.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fed Boosts Rates for 10th Time

Ruh roh. "In response, commercial banks began boosting their prime lending rates - used for many short-term consumer loans, including variable-rate credit cards and popular home equity lines of credit- by a corresponding amount to 6.50 percent." The Fed continued to forecast increases over the near- to mid-term, too. I sure am glad I went with that 30-Year fixed.

Krugman on the Bubble

The hot air in the bubble will be slowly let out, says the economist. He buries the lede, though:
Meanwhile, the U.S. economy has become deeply dependent on the housing bubble. The economic recovery since 2001 has been disappointing in many ways, but it wouldn't have happened at all without soaring spending on residential construction, plus a surge in consumer spending largely based on mortgage refinancing. Did I mention that the personal savings rate has fallen to zero?
I wish he would stop doing that.

So You Wanna Buy an SUV?

Read this. It's an Acrobat version of a New Yorker article that I read 18 months ago when it came out and I recently came across again.