Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jack Bauer Gets Wussified

A couple of years ago, 24 was sponsored by the brawny, manly, all-new Ford F-150. Ford's big pickup is a man's machine. Broad-shouldered. Gas-guzzling. It can pull a huge load and and
compensate for your small penis at the same time.

This year, 24, whose trailer was just released, is sponsored by the Toyota RAV4. The third generation cute-ute that is less Jack Bauer and more Jack McFarland. I mean, let's face facts, the RAV4 appeals to recently graduated women and gay men.

We need the answer from FOX. What the fuck is going on with our Jack Bauer? When faced with three or four swarthy, accent-toting terrorists in the upcoming season, is he going to want to just talk about their grievances? Hug it out? Maybe discuss B&Bs on the Cape?