Saturday, August 11, 2007

Don't Make Me Choose

Apple and Audi design

Long Lost Lawsuit

Apparently, SCO, who was funded by Microsoft to sue Novell over certain important UNIX IP, has lost.  This is an old lawsuit that I had almost forgotten about or thought was settled.  In a long opinion granting summary judgment to Novell, the District of Utah also granted Novell the royalties that SCO earned by licensing the IP to Microsoft and Sun.  That's right, the money Microsoft paid to bankroll the law---er---license certain technologies from SCO is going to Novell.  Teh awesome.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Shipping Luggage?

You may as well buy another ticket and put the bag in the seat. My wife is flying to Italy on British Airways in October. I just saw an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution  warning that European airlines lose bags at an alarming rate.  More specifically:

Such is the magnitude of the problem that travelers were advised this week by the Association of European Airlines, which includes the major national carriers, to avoid checking bags altogether if possible and to take carry-on luggage instead.

The association released figures showing that an average of 10 passengers per flight lost bags between April and June. British Airways was cited as the worst among Europe's major airlines, and is on track to lose a record 1.3 million bags this year.

So...being the good husband that I am, I searched for luggage shipping services to ensure my wife does not lose all her clothes on the way to or from Naples.   One, offers door-to-door delivery service.  I expect my wife to take one medium bag.  The fare?  $527.  

Yeah.  So I went to  $600.  5-day service.  $524.

Her ticket cost us $630.  So, we're going to live on the edge, I think, and check her bags.