Friday, June 10, 2005

Just a Few More Apple Posts Left

to meet my yearly quota. Thanks Apple and Intel!

Anywho, here's an interesting thought on the
shifting paradigm of file organization. Due to better search technologies, like Apple's Spotlight and Google's Desktop Search you can make a pretty good argument that filing documents away in client or matter specific folders will become obsolete. As processors and I/O subsystems get faster and hard drive space gets cheaper, indexing file meta-data becomes a much better way to "organize" files than manual filing. And searching for a document in Spotlight becomes a lot easier than drilling down folders.

Monday, June 06, 2005

I Wish I'd Seen This

Earlier. A pretty interesting take (posted before Steve Jobs' announcement) on why moving to Intel makes sense for Apple.

Dogs and Cats Living Together

Apple is moving to x86 hardware. Microsoft is using PowerPC hardware.

It's Official -- Steve Jobs Says Intel Inside

Reports from Apple's World Wide Developers Conference indicates that Apple is moving to Intel CPUs, apparently x86. Steve Jobs indicates that all OS X technologies have been living a double life and run on Intel boxes, too. Wow.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Denali, not Suburban

Faced with declining fortunes, Wal-Mart is apparently trying to lure upscale shoppers to its stores, according to theboxtank. I'm not sure they're going to get wealthier folks into their stores unless they clean those nasty places up, though. Wal-Mart stores have become so decrepit that they actually cause me to have a mood swing when I enter them -- not that I'm even the target "wealthier" customer. Or maybe I am, since I do like to shop at Target and outlet malls.