Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Don't Know What it Is....

But I can't wait until Cloverfield comes out in January.

Is Apple Dealing with the iPhone's Biggest Flaw?

Basing its information on an Apple, Inc. help wanted ad, AppleInsider is reporting that Apple is busy working on Exchange syncing.  According to AppleInsider, "Thus far, the iPhone's official support of Exchange has been limited to IMAP functionality under certain conditions. The lack of full support for the Microsoft platform is commonly cited as one of the primary barriers to adoption of the Apple handset by businesses, as Exchange is widely deployed as the email solution of choice amongst the corporate world."

They're totally right. One of the main impediments to official support by corporate IT departments is limited or non-existent Exchange support. Even those like me who'd deal with unofficial support by my IT peeps, can't justify it. This may change.