Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm Going to Have to Start Reading

The National Journal. (Thanks to Eugene Volokh)

Too Small for Me

to be comfortable, but the new Audi TT is receiving positive reviews on introduction. British car rag AutoCar seems to really like it, calling it a credible challenger to Porsche's Boxster-based Cayman.

I admit it

I have teh fever.


Comcast to Carry ESPN2 HD in Atlanta

After a year or so of wrangling over rights to the ESPN family of networs (the Deuce, the U, ESPN Rodeo, etc.) Comcast and ESPN have apparently agreed to settle their differences in time for the World Cup. ESPN2 HD has shown up on my receivers on Channel 847, just above ESPN HD at 846.

This is great, because the first US match, against the Czech Republic on June 12, is broadcast on ESPN2. Oh how I would suffer if I could not watch it in beautiful 720p. If you're in Atlanta -- I live on the Virginia-Highlands/Druid Hills border, or have Comcast somewhere else, you should to see whether you've gotten the channel on your set-top box.