Friday, May 26, 2006

Does Kevin Drum

post on teh Deuce? With a post titled Teh Gay, you'd think he at least lurks.

Nike+iPod Images

Cool Hunting has some nice pictures of the Nike+iPod product. As you can see, it has set workouts and customizable distances, as well. BusinessWeek had a good article on how the companies dreamed up this idea. Apparently, the idea was Nike's and they turned to Apple for the technology partnership. "It turns out the answer is a smart running shoe, equipped with a small sensor that can track motion and distance and other metrics that runners find important, but the information would only be available after their run is complete, not while running. 'We quickly realized that making a smart shoe wasn't smart enough.' So [Nike CEO Mark] Parker called a friend: Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The result was the kit, which both called simply a 'great start.' The two companies will develop more products as part of an ongoing partnership."

Unfortunately (for me) it's running only for now. I tried to start running but could only get to two miles or so before suffering from terrible shin splints. I've gone back to stairclimbing and lifting and introduced myself to the elliptical machine, too. I'd love to have records of my workouts -- I have a Nike Triax C6 watch and heart rate monitor. It would be awesome to be able to track my heart rate with the HRM, have it connect to my iPod for workout management and log it on my computer. I've seen great results from simply monitoring my heart rate while in the gym. Now, I'd like to be able to track progress, etc.

So this is just a "great start?" Let's hope so. C'mon Apple and Nike, get to work.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lou Dobbs is ANGRY

To a certain extent, I guess I agree with Lou. But the guy's pissed off. The silver lining of is rage is that he apparently understands the real "bad guys"(if there are bad guys) here are the people hiring illegals, not necessarily the illegals themselves.