Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Crescent City

So if reports coming out of New Orleans are true, where do we Americans go to turn in our High Horse saddles?

AJC: People Not So Stupid

The AJC has a great article on how hard it is for suburban dopes who bought huge, gas-guzzling SUVs to unload these days. Pre-Katrina, gas prices had been rising to more realistic (read: market) levels despite additional governmental subsidies for oil producers and the SUV subsidy was on the wane. Post-Katrina, gas prices have just gone through the roof here in the Peach State.
In Suwanee, John Kim posted his family vehicle — a 2003 GMC Yukon Denali XL — for sale at, owned by Cox Enterprises, parent company of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"I've been trying to sell it for a couple of months," Kim said, "but I'm not getting any calls. I thought it'd be faster."

He first priced the vehicle at $35,900. He dropped to $31,900. With no one calling, he may go lower yet.

Fuel costs are eating him up. There might as well be piranhas in his 32-gallon tank.

"I'm going with a smaller, more gas efficient car," Kim said.

Pardon my schadenfreude but these people are simply getting their just desserts.

Gas in Atlanta