Saturday, July 15, 2006


I bought tickets for myself and my wife to go to India this January. I can't wait. I have not seen my grandfather in three or four years. I think the wife will love the clothes shopping in my birth city of Ahmedabad. And I will be going to Dehli for a week or so, to see my wife's family. I have never been to India's capital, so it will be a treat for me.

I wonder if I can work in a side trip somewhere, too. Hmm.... The beaches of Goa? The French colonial splendor of Pondicherry? Maybe the traditional desert elegance of Udaipur?

Friday, July 14, 2006

Lost in All this Plame Business

She was probably quite a looker back in the day.

AJC Endorses Reddy

In what must be great news for my friend and colleague, Shyam Reddy, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution announced today that he is the best Sec'y of State candidate on the Democratic side of the ballot. I hope those of you reading this blog in Georgia will go out and vote on Tuesday for Shyam.

According to the paper, "The six Democrat candidates offer a range of experience and ideas about how to protect investors, the elderly and the integrity of the elections system. But the standout is Shyam Reddy, an attorney making his first run at elected office."

Congratulations, Shyam!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Apologies to TINA

We've all had our heads knocked against somebody else's head at some point, be in it in sports, bowling accidents or dirty dirty old people sex.

The Big Unanswered Zidane Headbutt

question is simply this: Why not punch the guy? Or kick him (I mean, if you've seen these guys try to catch water bottles thrown at them, you realize their hands have atrophied)? Or maybe the classic spit? Perhaps the Mike Tyson ear snack?

Instead, Zidane chose the headbutt. Why? Is there some sort of Franco-Tunisian proclivity to the head butt? Does Zidane have a weapon hidden in that skull of his -- Materazzi went down kinda hard. Why headbutt? That's what I want to know.