Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Taking Bowlsby to Task

Ken Pomeroy takes Bob Bowlsby to task about his exaltation of the RPI because Pomeroy knows that the NCAA selection committee has backed itself in a corner with regards to its at large selections. Bizarre results could arise this Selection Sunday -- more bizarre than usual. Don't be surprised if the "big story" going in to the Big Dance is which teams got left out of the picture.

Bonus Pomeroy Tidbit: Interestingly enough, both Ohio State and Iowa find themselves in the top 30 nationally in Ken Pomeroy's highly respected rankings, but Ken doesn't mention the Hawkeyes as a potential tournament team. (Ohio State is ineligible.)

Double Bonus Pomeroy Tidbit: Playing Wake Forest, Gonzaga, Cincinnati, Georgetown, Arkansas, Oregon and Missouri doesn't get you much these days. Illinois' non-conference ranking, per Pomeroy, is 101. I guess the Chicago States, Northwestern States, Longwoods and Oaklands kinda hurt you....

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