Thursday, June 16, 2005


This administration and its supporters are wrong on just about every issue that they have considered. Whether it is the excessive tax cuts of the first term, the war in Iraq, the economy, the cost of the prescription drug benefit or how to handle nuclear threats in North Korea or Iran. The latest bungle by these doofuses is the Terry Schiavo matter, in which the Pasco County medical examiner has vindicated the position of the Courts, every treating physician, the husband and any person who rationally considered the matter. Just look at the backtracking:

Bill Frist (who apparently left medicine for politics because he stunk at the former):

Then: "That footage, to me, depicted something very different than persistent vegetative state." - on March 23, after reviewing a videotape of Schiavo

Now: "He never made a diagnosis." - Amy Call, Frist's spokeswoman. The senator said he looked forward to reading the autopsy report.

Mel Martinez:

Then: "Several of Terri's caregivers ... feel that, with proper therapy, she may even be able to learn to eat without a feeding tube." - in a March 16 column for National Review

Now: "I've had second thoughts as to whether a federal review was the right way to go or not."

I'm glad these people wasted the money of the U.S. and Florida taxpayer and raped the concept of Federalism by dragging this stupid thing through the federal legislative and judicial process.

Update: The Vernon and Petunia Dursley of the movement apparently aren't swayed by science, logic or common sense.

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