Friday, April 07, 2006

Congratulations to Shyam Reddy

The AJC's Political Insider reports that my good friend and collegue, Shyam Reddy, has done pretty well in the first stage of his bid for Georgia's Secretary of State office. He has raised nearly $500,000, which puts him on the same plane as seasoned political veterans like Republicans Karen Handel and Bill Stephens, who have both held political office. Shyam is a first-time candidate. And a very good one.


pck said...

so some dude you know raises $500,000 and now he's your 'good friend'? ;)

sounds like he is a great candidate and a really good guy. best of luck to him, and i hope he comes in second to the GOP candidate. :)

p.s. an updated dotblawg is a great dotblawg.

CTK said...

Cosign on the ps.

Good luck to your friend.