Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Think Jackie's Rong

Simplified Spelling would get rid of a lot of inefficiency in our language. On the other hand, I'm for the metric system, too.


pck said...

you engineers are all the same.


Jackie said...

Ugh, what are you, on crack?! (That's "uh, wut r u, on krak" for you "simplified" spelling fans.) The metric system is a horrible analogy. It absolutely would make sense for the U.S. to try to make the shift...yes, it's easier, but the bigger issue is that it puts us at odds with the international community. There's also the fact that it makes my job more annoying, editing books for a U.S. audience that are sold in some international markets. (Let's just say lots of my Internets time is spent on conversion-tool sites.)

But to create an entirely new lexicon where a perfectly serviceable (and well-known) exists, just because some people think spelling is tough...ridiculous.