Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Color Me Satisfied

The ad I hate the most made Slate's list of the worst commercials of 2006. You know the one: it tries to sell Intel Core 2 Duo processors with bizarre white people dances and awful music and a totally unattractive woman who makes me mildly uncomfortable. And unless you're into some weird stuff, you hate it, too.

Watch it if you dare:

Others on the list include one for restless leg syndrome drugs. I think any drug commercials on TV ought to make a separate list to bad and inappropriate advertising. What morans among us use TV ads to determine what drugs to take? Isn't that the job of your doctor, anyway?

And what doctor's going to admit to prescribing drugs on the basis of TV advertising? I mean, we all know that they prescribe drugs sold by the hottest pharma reps or with the best junkets.

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