Wednesday, February 23, 2005

All in the Name of Progress

Well, Apple has done it again. Mac users (I decline to use the journalistic cliche and refer to those that use the Macintosh platform as zealots or cult members) know that their shiny Apples stay fresh for only so long. Within six months, their purchase may be eclipsed by Steve Jobs' latest and greatest offering. As I said, it's happened again. Those of you that just invested $150 in a new 1 GB iPod Shuffle are going to cry.

Apple is now selling its 4 GB iPod Mini for $199. So, for $50 more, you get 4 times the space. Heck, I just bought a 512 MB Shuffle for $99, and I would be kicking myself -- a lot less than I would be if I owned the larger model -- but still. I would be, but after owning Macs for the last ten years, I'm basically numb to this phenomenon. However, folks who are new to Apple products might be just a little bit pissed off, especially as this announcement comes just barely more than a month since the Shuffle was introduced.

In the same announcement, Apple introduced a 6 GB iPod Mini for the old price of $249, discontinued its 40 GB “full-size” iPod and added the 30GB and 60GB iPod photo models. So now, the only monochrome display, full-size iPod is the 20GB model. That model’s price hasn’t changed, it’s still $299. The 30GB and 60GB iPod photo models are $349 and $449 respectively, bracketing old $399 40GB model. I wonder if my 40 GB iPod is now a collectors' item. I guess I'll go check eBay.

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Vivifier said...

Good news: They're now giving away Mac Minis! Details available on my blog.