Sunday, February 20, 2005

There is no "me" in Champion....

One thing I have observed over the past couple of years in the sports is that teams without superstars have actually been winning championships. These championships have been won not on the backs of media-darling, over-hyped, shoe-selling prima donnas, but on the backs of things like fundamentals, chemistry, teamwork, gameplanning and coaching.

You could say that
Adam Vinatieri kicked this trend off as time wound down in Super Bowl XXXVI. But one game does not a trend make. However, since that fateful day in New Orleans, the Patriots have won two more Super Bowls (take that Peyton Manning), the decidedly small-market Marlins and "Idiot" Red Sox have won World Series (take that, Jeffery Meier!). Heck, even in the tattooed, hip hop, gettin' paid NBA, the no-name Detroit Pistons beat the household-name, Springfield-bound Lakers to win the title.

As a sports fan, this makes me happy. Team sports are just that, TEAM sports. In a perfect world, chemistry, teamwork and gameplanning would always trump star power.
As a fan of the massively-team-oriented Fighting Illini, I hope the trend continues through March and April 2005. It's nice to see the world getting a little more perfect.

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