Friday, March 18, 2005

Color me Boggled.

According to this article, Congressional conservatives have called Terri Schiavo as a witness. You remember Terri Schiavo, right? She's the Florida woman who has been in what court-appointed doctors term a "persistent vegetative state" for the past decade and a half.
Shortly before a feeding tube was to be removed from a brain-damaged Florida woman, U.S. lawmakers on Friday called on Terri Schiavo to appear before congressional committees in an attempt to keep her alive.
I am trying to figure out under what constitutional authority these so-called conservatives are acting. I tend to agree with Mr. Schiavo's attorney in characterizing this action as one reeking of Soviet-style totalitarianism, not American federalism.
It seems that the Republicans are much more interested in power than conservative principles such as federalism and small government.

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