Monday, March 14, 2005

FCC Establishes the Obvious

Well, at least the FCC got this one right. After a barrage of complaints from people I can only guess would be happier living in the 1850s, the FCC investigated that little promo for Desperate Housewives that ran on Monday Night Football. Probably tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars later, the FCC yesterday concluded that the promo was not indecent, per Just think about this, every time some Puritan gets his panties in a wad over something, our government must spend time and resources investigating this nonsense.

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pck said...

You may make a blogger out of me yet. Once I get internet access at home, that is. :p

Two quick points:

1. Yes, the FCC did get this right.

2. As for the money spent investigating, there are tons of silly things investigated each year, from folks on both sides getting their knickers in a twist.