Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Out of Hand Theater Shameless Plug

I sit on the board of Atlanta's Out of Hand Theater, which has drawn critical praise for productions such as Big Love ("a sturdy, malleable and multitalented cast" -- AJC) and 30 Below ("30 Below may not be the most disciplined show, but it's frequently fun enough to suggest that maybe maturity is overrated." -- Creative Loafing) and critical confusion with Live Nude Bouffons ("the strangest show to play in Atlanta" -- AJC).

On April 1st, Out of Hand will debut an original play by respected Atlanta playwright Steve Yockey, Cartoon. Cartoon examines the "tumultuous exploits of a madcap band of mismatched cartoon stereotypes in their media-saturated world. Cartoon is packed with fist fights, revolutions, explosions, performance numbers and even
a little bit of love." Aaaaahhhhhh..... Hope to see you on April 1.

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