Tuesday, March 08, 2005

There's no cheating in baseball.....

Major League Baseball has given Barry Bonds dispensation to cheat. No, they're not providing sterile needles, they're allowing him to DH during home exhibition games. Ken Griffey, Jr. of the Cincinnati Reds is receiving similar treatment.

This is beyond stupid. It's cheating. MLB justifies its position because these games are exhibitions. Well, why not bend the rules to allow all players to rehab while DH'ing? If Bonds will indeed benefit from not playing in the field, why give him special treatment? Shouldn't every rehabbing major leaguer get the same benefits? Why not play all NL exhibition games with the DH rule in place? Why not experiment all through the pre-season? Raise or lower the mound, allow corked bats, spitballs -- why the heck not?

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